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The following is an open letter to the MRM from Chris Key. Chris was recently disavowed by A Voice for in a blog post written by Paul Elam (The Happy Misogynist). I thought that what Paul was doing was unfair, counter productive, and frankly anathema to what the Men's Movement is about.

Discarding an MRA because his views were too extreme or his delivery too unpolished is not what MRA's should be doing. Male disposability is what we are supposed to be working against rather than promoting to achieve our own ends.

Dear MRM,

Over the last 14 hours I have done a lot of soul searching. I've come to the conclusion that it's in the best interest of both parties if I leave the MRM. I don't want it to be a hostile departure because nothing can be gained from an event that ends on a negative note. I leave with no ill feelings towards you or anyone else.

Before I go, I would like to explain my stance on homosexuality, why I act differently to the people on AVfM, why I hurled so much vitriol at Suz -- and why I owe her an apology -- and why I need to leave the MRM, permanently, so that I can heal the health problems that trouble me everyday.

I want to apologise to Suz, but for me to do that, I need to explain my stance on homosexuality. It's crucial because it will help you understand what was going through my mind when I responded to her.

My Stance Against Homosexuality

The militant stance I hold against homosexuality began in 2011. I came across credible exposes on some of the ideologies that have been promoted by many mainstream homosexual rights group and, conduct that was performed in the public domain by a large number of homosexuals. I'm not talking about understandable ideologies such as "equal rights for homosexuals". I'm talking about large, well funded homosexual groups advocating that it's okay for homosexuals to have sex with minors.

Organisations such as Gay Lesbian Adolescent Social Services (GLASS) were placed in charge of looking after children, but went on to use their position to have sex with vulnerable minors: the U.N. was caught endorsing some of the pro-paedophile homosexuals groups after it became aware of their behaviour during the 1990s.

Up until that point I didn't know anything about these things, so I was shocked to learn that a considerably large segement of the homosexual movement were not only involved in carrying out such acts, but were supported by people who are meant to be looking out for the best interests of children. Not only was I shocked, but I was absolutely furious. I've always believed that children are to be nurtured. There's no way I can support people who are going out of their way to harm children.

If all of this wasn't enough reason for me to believe the homosexual rights movement was a rampant paedophile machine that does not care about children's rights, then the way the American media and politicians treated the murders of Matthew Shepard and Jesse Dirkhising confirmed that there was a sinister agenda at play and, that the agenda needed to be opposed. For those who do not know, Jesse Dirkhising was a 13-year-old boy who was brutally raped and murdered by two homosexual men. His death came about a year after Matthew Shepard was killed. When Shepard was killed it was assumed that the motivation behind the crime was homophobia. The truth, which was stated by the prosecutor who tried Shepard's murderers, and, confirmed by details that were released by the police, is that Shepard was killed in a drug deal that went sour. This didn't stop homosexual rights groups from saying the motive was homophobia. Till this very day, politicians and mainstream media continue to overlook the evidence and pretend it was about homophobia. When a politician does admit that it was a drug deal that went sour then they are vilified extremely by the mainstream media.

It really upsets that all of this injustice has been allowed to take place. Maybe I've interpreted it the wrong way, but it appears to me as if those who are in power (politicians, mainstream media) believe that the rights of homosexual paedophiles are more important than children's right to not be abused and, that appeasing the homosexual community is more important than fair, objective treatment.

In response, I believed that the homosexual rights movement is the most dangerous threat to society, as they played a key role in spreading anti-straight propaganda to strum up hysteria for homosexual rights and, they were complicit in allowing child abuse to occur. It didn't seem to worry the people from those groups that their actions were unjust and caused immense suffering for Jesse Dirkhising's family.

Based on that, I came to the conclusion that all homosexuals are a threat to society, because, I didn't see very many good, law-abiding homosexuals opposing those who are guilty of this injustice. I know that's extreme, but that's how I think. Since the homosexual community could not be counted on to stop the injustice, I formed the opinion that the only way to solve the problem is to oppoose the entire homosexual community. I don't want to see children hurt. I want those who are a threat to children to be disarmed by the government as soon as possible. The only way I could see that happening is if enough people stand up and oppose all homosexual rights. I know that's extreme, but I find it hard to sympathise with people who take rights away from children.

My anger has intensified since I learned that Canadian schools are teaching young children that living in a household that consists of the nuclear family unit is "toxic". I automatically assumed all MRAs would be disgusted by this because one of the main tenets of the MRM is that children need a mother and a father. I saw it as another attack on father's rights and, assumed there might be a link between the homosexual movement and feminism; a considerable amount of second-wave feminists were homosexual women.

If that makes me narrow-minded, hysterical and hateful, then so be it, but it's the only stance that sat well with me; I couldn't think of a solution that would be as effective at protecting children.

Do you now understand why I distrust homosexuals and am absolutely livid with them?

I'm not saying all homosexuals are intent on harming children. Nor am I saying it's justifiable to hate all homosexuals for the actions of its leaders. What I'm saying is the fact that the people in charge of representing homosexual rights have been found guilty of harming children makes me sick in the stomach, and, it angers me that so few homosexuals oppose them.

Usage of Terms Like "Fags and Dykes"

I've been referring to homosexuals as "fags" and "dykes" because I believe the terms "gay" and "lesbian" have been hijacked by the homosexual movement. I know that sounds strange, but hear me out. A few years ago I recall reading an article, posted on my forum by one of its members, that the people of Lesbos were angry about homosexual women referring to them as lesbians. I thought that their feelings ought to given just as much consideration as those of homosexuals. If I were to say that the people of Lesbos should just get over it then I would be supporting the same system that tells us that white men cannot be victimised because they're female and aren't ethnic. As an MRA, I cannot support any system that has harmed men.

The Honourable Bob Katter left a mark on me when he said in Canberra, during a meeting about protecting the institution of marriage, that "gay" was a beautiful word that conjured up images of happiness and love. He went on to say that he used it in a school project when he was a kid, then said that the homosexual community have no right to change the meaning of that word. His speech reminded me of the lawsuit that the people of Lesbos filed to stop homosexual women from being called 'lesbians'. I have a lot of respect for Bob Katter as a he's a conservative manly man who isn't afraid to speak up to feminists and other leftist groups. He is bullied regularly by leftists, homosexuals and city folk, which really upsets me. I thought he had a point, so I decided that from that point onwards I would no longer refer to homosexuals as "gays and lesbians". I was also very, very angry with the entire homosexual community for the reasons stated above, so I decided it was fair to refer to them as "fags and dykes". I know that two wrongs do not usually make a right, but I felt that his was a situation where it what's needed. I must admit that I still feel that way because I cannot think of an alternative solution.

Now that you know why I am so angry with homosexuals, I can move on to explaining why I owe Suz an apology for the manner I spoke to her.

Via a comment left on AVfM, I stumbled upon an article on Suz's site. It was a letter she addressed to a homosexual. In the comments section of her letter I saw a couple of women calling him a "loser". I was silly enough to assume that they used that term because they disliked homosexuals as much as I do. As a result, I wrote a very disparaging post about homosexuals, mentioning the Jesse Dirkhising and Mathew Shepard cases, the high HIV and Hepatitis A rates among homosexuals, and, the low life expectancy of homosexuals. Some of the things I said about homosexuals were inhumane and should not have been said about anyone. After that I wrote a second post, citing the sources of my information.

Suz deleted both posts, saying she does not condone bigotry.

I could understand Suz removing the first post but I couldn't understand the link between the second post and her charge of bigotry. I assumed she was saying it's wrong to cite credible sources that show not everything homosexuals do is healthy and, that there might be a link between the homosexual lifestyle and poor health (I've heard a lot of liberals use this to argue that people should pretend that homosexuals are not more likely to contract HIV, Hepatitis A, or have an average lifespan that is about 20 years shorter than that for straight people).

Remember, I've come across a lot of credible evidence that shows there's a conspiracy to support homosexuals who abuse children. Due to this, I automatically assumed that if a person blindly rejects it then they're in on the conspiracy and are trying to promote it. That's why I referred to Suz as a 'fag enabler' and spoke so harshly towards her.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologise to Suz. She did not deserve to be spoken to like that. I was wrong and I'm ashamed of myself for letting my emotion get the better of me. I don't expect Suz to forgive me, but I hope this confession will allow her to understand where I was coming from and why I responded like I did; more importantly, it'll show her that I take full responsibility for my behaviour.

Why I Must Depart the MRM

My biggest problem is I don't really understand people all that well. When I don't understand something I compensate by jumping to assumptions. It's a bad habit that I've gotten myself into over the years, and it, it gets me into trouble every now and then. It's why I believe I must depart the MRM. In today's politically correct landscape it's important to understand the basics of social interaction. Since my people skills are so poor, I'm a massive disadvantage when it comes to getting my points across. The last thing the MRM needs is some one who has this problem.

You guys don't know me, but I've been involved in the MRM for about a decade. There used to be a secret board for MRAs, called Our Board. It was run by Zed/Zenpriest, who is one of the admins at The Spearhead. Only those who were invited were allowed to post on it. I was invited there by Darren Blacksmith in 2003/2004. I helped design the MGTOW logo, which was created by Rangar. He created the movement as well as the logo, but I edited out the pixelation and made an emoticon for it; if I recall correctly, he saved it as a low quality JPEG file, so I edited it and converted it to PNG and GIF.

I started my site in late 2004. I've spent an average of 3 or so hours on my site each day over that period. It's been a huge part of my life. Living without it will be difficult, but it's for the best. It's been a rock for me as it's allowed to develop friendships with people I now consider family. I have trouble socialising, so it has helped me out. I'm extremely grateful to the guys on my forum who've been loyal to me over the years. I'll forever be grateful to the wonderful people who've been loyal to my forum: people like outcoors, DCM, Malthus, bobx23456, ChristinaAF, Serpent Slayer, Gears, Zuberi, Yeuu and Feminist Scum. There have been times when I felt like shutting the site down due to the amount of new members drying up about 2 years ago, but I've carried on with it because I don't want to let down my mates. I might keep the forum going as a private forum for all of the regular posters over the next few months, but I do not know if I'll be posting too much. At some stage between now and October next year -- the date when my webplan expires -- I'll either shut it down or give it to one of the members.

I'm not cut out to be a leader. It's why my forum has not grown larger and why I don't the tough calls that need to be made. There were times when I tried to be strict and keep the discussion very moderate and polite -- as is evidenced by Robin Steele applauding me on her blog in 2007 -- but I couldn't keep it up because the pressure it created was just too much. I have difficulty saying no, so I more or less let the board be as uncensored as possible. I allowed people to say things that I did not agree with. Over time I just ignored it because I've grown to care more about my mates than I do about pleasing third-party viewers. It's for this reason the board has to be shut off to the outside world and shut down.

My Health Condition

As Keyster already knows -- he was a regular poster on my board for a few years -- I live with a debilitating illness that makes it impossible to work and difficult to socialise. I'm not asking for sympathy, just want to clarify what it's like to spend a day in my shoes. That way you will be better equipped to understand how and why I think the way I do, and, how it affects me on a day-to-day basis. I don't have many friends because socialising regularly makes my condition worse. As a result, the MRM and my website have been the one place I've been able to turn to for help, which isn't always in the best interest of the movement. It has helped me to some extent, but it has become harmful to me over the last couple of years. My condition is worsening, and the only way I can deal with it is by permanently removing myself from the MRM. I don't want to go -- it breaks my heart to leave something that I've been a part of for almost a decade -- but it's what I need to do if I am going to heal. The stress of being involved in the MRM is too much for my OCD (I have a very severe case of OCD, and, it does not respond very well to CBT).

Contary to what Keyster said, I've never celebrated 6th of December as "Saint Marc's Day". The only member on my board who has supported it is bobx23456. I've told him on many times that I do not condone what Marc Lepine did on the 6th of December 1989. I've always said he had no right to kill innocent civilian women.

The MRM has helped me learn a lot about life, but it also gets in the way of my illness. I can now use that knowledge to help me live with my condition.

I'll remove the posts on my blog ( about Suz, as well as anything else that uses the terms "fags" and "dykes".

Addressed to Paul Elam

Paul, I may not agree with everything you say and do, but I respect you because you've raised a lot of awareness for men's rights and are a very hard worker.

Believe it or not, you have had an influence on my life. There was a time when you told me, on my forum in 2009, that I should not censor my members. I followed your advice. The board was heavily moderated, in 2007, by myself and a woman called elfprincess. I copped a lot of criticism during that period -- some of it justified as it turned out she was sort of a feminist -- so when you suggested I do not censor free speech, I listened.  I was heading in that direction anyway, but your suggestion convinced me to let free speech reign supreme. I didn't want a repeat of what happened in 2007.

I swear I do not recall ever saying to you that I hate women. If I did say that then it would have been to make you feel that I wasn't judging you -- you know, with you using the name TheHappyMisogynist and having a website by that name. But alas, I do not recall saying it, so I'll deny it until the day I die.

It's impossible for me to hate women when my best friend (my mum) is a woman. My mother and I are very close -- we're closer than she is to her daughters -- we spend everyday with one another and help each other out. My mother and I have the same debilitating illness, so we understand one another very well. I took offence to you referring to me as a "son of a bitch", because, you were effectively calling my mother a bitch.

I'd appreciate it if you removed the article you made about me. It might be better to replace it with this one, or nothing at all. It's better for the MRM if everyone in it is cohesive and on the same page. Taking down your article and replacing it with this one will show the world that even when things don't work out between the MRM and one of its members, the MRM can still gell together and find a solution that is in everyone's best interest. I'll remove the article I wrote about you if you remove the one you wrote about me.

I do not want to be a burden to the movement. It was never my intention to bring negative attention to the movement. However, since I have inadvertently done this, the only decent thing left to do is for me to leave the movement so that experts, such as yourself, can continue fighting for the rights of men, women and children.

I do not hold any ill feelings towards you. I was critical of you yesterday and the day before, but only because I was angry and upset. I leave in peace and hope you live a long and prosperous life.

I hope you accept my offer for peace.

Thank you.

Chris Key.

I wish Chris the best. While I think his departure is unwarranted I hope he uses this time to find peace and meaning in his life in other areas. That, after all, is what MGTOW is all about.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A response to "You are not going ghost; you are not going anywhere"

Below is a response to an Online Article I posted at AGITPROP entitled "You are not going ghost; you are not going anywhere" by Jamila.

Nice try but the truth is men are more fluid sexually than you think. Male “homophobia” is a necessary response to women who control reproduction. Males who spend a lifetime making accomplishments so they can gain value so they will be selected for reproduction are loath to squander any opportunity for sex through a simple and preventable faux pas such as sex preference mis-identification.

Question: “Are you gay?”, she says.
Correct Answer: “Hell no!”
Incorrect Answer: “I like gay men.”

Truth be told, in the peep booths of XXX shops, in the prisons that house 7 million men in the U.S., in the absence of women, male sexual fluidity runs in rivers not just rivulets.

And for most men going ghost, they’ve already made the determination that women are either not in the offing or simply not worth the effort and risk. Women can own that one all their own but of course they won’t. As the saying goes, “Never underestimate the ability of a feminist to blame men”. And these days nearly all women have absorbed the indoctrination of feminism before they reach adulthood.

As for the essential qualities of the female sex organ and her superior companionship I can tell you that neither are particularly special and both are reproducible.

A myriad of products not only mimic the female vagina but improve on it greatly. They are cheap at about 20 bucks and don’t require that we cuddle afterward or get mad that we want to watch Sportscenter. And porn is a cheap and ubiquitous method of reproducing the infatuation of sexual conquest. And best of all it never says “No”. And frankly speaking, given the high out of wedlock birth rate and the multitude of partners that women have in their lifetimes it’s pretty clear that not only are “pocket Pu$$ies” a superior substitute, but also the safer one.

As for female companionship. . . well the term is an oxymoron. Women use men as a resource. They are not our friends. If they were our friends we wouldn’t have feminism. Women want men to give them stuff and their companionship with us has always revolved around exploiting that relationship. There’s a reason why young men spend more time with computer games than with women or trying to get women. As companions you are outclassed by computers that still aren’t powerful enough to run the basic systems of cognitive processing. When the cartoon image of a woman in a computer game is more interesting than a real woman and millions of young men agree that’s saying something.

As for prostitution I will disagree once again. Comparing the pathological need of men in history to pursue sex at any cost to modern males who are turning away from women and society is a non-starter. Chinese men of the 1800′s had never had their rights stripped from them by their women. They had never been cuckolded in large numbers, had their children taken away from them, or had an education system turned against them. In fact, ironically, these men were making huge sacrifices in personal freedom and safety to go to the U.S. to work under terrible conditions to make money to send home or to make money to bring home so they could attract a woman to marry them. How’s that for your patriarchal oppressor? Nothing says “oppression” like the voluntary transfer of assets to the oppressed classes.

But I digress. I’m a male after all so I didn’t have far to go.

I’ve slept with prostitutes (using the word “slept” loosely and the word “loosely” literally). Frankly, I found it a dehumanizing and demoralizing experience. Why pay a woman to do for me what I can do for myself for free in the privacy of my own home? If a man is going to go ghost then why in the world would he engage in a similarly exploitative relationship with a woman?

Men are learning all to well that a woman’s “love” is never unconditional. If men aren’t willing to engage women in normal relationships because they find those women repugnant and hateful then it’s likely they will be repulsed, in short order, by prostitutes who express the same mentality. The significant difference is she wants cash up front.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't Get Married! Wuh?

Don't get married!!! Yeah it feels good to say it and you think you are protecting yourself--and you are to an extent.

But the motive of feminism is to divide men and women and create more households and more taxpayers all at the expense of both men and women.

Check out this 6 part series from Manwomanmyth on YouTube.

How does not getting married help our movement or harm feminists? Feminists are the ones trying to destroy marriage in the first place!
For starters it keeps men and women divided which means we have to pay for two households and 2 sets of furniture, silverware, cars, dishwashers, stoves, etc. etc.  Business and government loves the battle of the sexes because it makes them rich and powerful.

Instead of turning away from women because of all the abuse we've received we need to realize that women, manginas, and white knights have been duped by feminism.    The real villains are businesses and politicians who spread misandry for profit. 

What incentive do women and manginas have to change their minds when we set ourselves against them?  I know there is a lot of hurt going on these days but turning away from women will only add more loneliness to the mix.  And turning away from reproduction will mean that our genes which carry our logic and ability to even see this injustice won't be transmitted to the next generation.  We do ourselves and our cause a disservice by turning away.  And frankly, if I were a mangina or white knight I would be thinking about all the pussy that I'm going to get because MRA's have turned away from women.  Meanwhile, the real culprits--business and government--are going to sell us crap we don't need to fill the void in our lives.  We become just as hoodwinked as the feminists, manginas, and white knights.

50% of marriage end in divorce, but 50% do not.  If I was a potter and 50% of the time my pots broke in the kiln I wouldn't quit being a potter but instead I would try to figure out what went right the other 50% of the time.

Find out what works and when you meet women vet them based on those qualities that she has which make marriages work. And when you dump her because she has these negative attitudes of men then she knows it's actually not "you" it's "her".   The best part of all is that our due diligence in vetting women will mean that the manginas, feminists, and white knights will likely end up with each together!  And believe me they deserve each other.

Heartbreak is a powerful life changing tool as many men have found out the hard way.  By engaging in relationships and rejecting women based on their indoctrinated hatred of men you turn the tables on them and let them hurt for awhile.  Maybe while they are licking their wounds they'll think about what you've told them and maybe re-evaluate feminism and misandry.

Ten Easy Ways to Advance the Men’s Movement (and stick it to feminists)

By Jean Valjean
January 01, 2011

If you are someone who cares about Men’s Rights and you want to know how you can advance the cause while surviving the feminist hegemony then this article is for you. 

There are a lot of barriers to success for the MRM.  There is a genetic predisposition to privilege women, a predisposition to compete against other men, and a mountain of propaganda spanning three generations which pretty much blames men for every bad thing that ever existed anywhere.  We’re like Satan only they can make laws to fuck with us.

So what’s a dude to do living in a feminist matriarchy?  I know it seems hopeless sometimes when you see that the deck is stacked against us, opportunities are limited, and it seems like the more you learn about what’s going on the more angry and/or depressed and/or hopeless you get.  But there are things each of us can do to make a big difference and here’s my top ten list.

1. Educate yourself:  

In the past the most powerful warriors donned armor and used fine weapons against their enemies and a well armed nobility could destroy a peasant army of thousands. Think of the Battle of Agincourt which was dramatized in Shakespeare’s Henry V.   The St. Crispin’s Day speech inspired the English troops to victory over the French’s numerically superior forces ("the fewer men, the greater share of honour.").  However it was an empowered Yeoman class that was able to field well equipped Long Bowmen and Men at Arms that destroyed the French’s largely peasant force.   Even though the French cavalry could have wiped out the English, their peasant masses, faced with the superior Men at Arms broke and fled the field en masse with the noble cavalry right behind them.   Today’s indoctrinated masses only know what they’ve been told which means they are not equipped to deal with facts, logic, and truth.   The truth is our sword and our belief in the rightness of our cause is our shield.  So arm yourselves with the best accoutrement available and when the battles are over share your war stories with other men so they can learn how to carry the fight with us.  And let those men who are not with us “think themselves accursed that they were not here and hold their manhoods cheap” because every day is St. Crispin’s Day!  


2. Respect yourself:

I know this sounds like some silly new age crapola from the Cult of Oprah Book Club, but the truth is each of us must learn to take care of numero uno (you!).  It can get pretty depressing going up against an entire political and cultural system which operates on the false assumption that all men are scumbags or that feminism is really about equality (wuh?).   But remember that going up against impossible odds is how legends are born.  Think of the Battle of Thermopylae and how 300 stood against millions.  Yeah, yeah, they all died.  So what! Everyone dies. We live in interesting times my friends and to tell “my truth” I’d rather live in this time and fight this fight than any other.  We have an opportunity to change the world one blog post at a time.  So get your head on straight and keep that chin up.  We’ve all got work to do.  In a hundred years the “Greatest Generation” won’t be the guys who beat fascism in WWII.  They will be the guys who saved civilization from feminism and brought real equality and greater understanding of the world to everyone. Yes it’s a monumental task but that just means it will be a monumental victory!                                                                                                                     

    3. Spread the message:

    Decide what are our most salient points and bring them up in conversation with people you meet.  Reproductive rights, parental rights, and criminal law are some of our most important and unassailable grievances. Few people, male or female, do not know of someone who hasn’t been screwed over by a vindictive ex-wife, or denied access to his kids while being forced to pay draconian support payments, or heard of someone who was falsely accused.   I was at a party tonight and a guy I was talking to actually moved right into these topics on his own.  There’s nothing like finding allies out in the world so when you do lead them here.  Be polite but more importantly, be competent. 

    4. Recruit the Willing:

    Misandry has been around for a long time.
    Like above there are people who agree with our issues or who can be persuaded.  Be ready to get their email or phone number and forward them your favorite blog or website addresses.  The Internet has a wealth of information conveniently located for people to read but not everyone knows it’s there. Be the person who leads them.  Target your message to these people. For instance, if they are divorced point out how the movement is working to reform divorce laws. If they are laid off then point out how Obama gave 40% of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to women even though women gained jobs in the recession.  Tailor your message to these people and let them discover on their own the rest. Isn’t that how you got here?

        Working out and they look good doing it!
      5. Exercise Regularly:

      Sometimes it seems the more I learn about what’s going on the more bummed out and frustrated I get.  Exercise not only helps to alleviate my stress but it also helps me keep my cool if a “discussion” gets a little heated. Also, remember that most of the best warriors were both educated and physically strong.  So consult your doctor if you have one and start off slow. Cardio is good, but strength training for men is even better because it boosts testosterone and well a little extra natural testosterone makes everything better.  Believe me there is nothing better to keep a discussion civil than your opponents knowing you’ve got the guns to back it up.  No matter what age you are you can benefit from exercise and strength training.

      6. Remember You are Important:

      If you listen to misandrists long enough pretty soon you’ll start to believe that shit they callously spew forth from their selfish little mouths.  Remember that the hierarchical nature of our society conspires to force men down more than it allows them to rise.  But the hierarchy itself is not regulated by others.  No one decides that YOU are a loser. It is a chemical process that happens inside your brain when you lose more than you win.  It’s an evolutionary illusion designed to make men into Alphas, Betas, and Omegas.  Be a Zeta!  That means that your value and self-worth doesn’t hinge on the number of men you have bullied or beat down in your life or from the number of women you’ve banged or touchdowns you’ve made.  Your value comes from self-respect.  Treat yourself that way and so will others.  For a long time many men have learned how to make themselves small and to be ashamed of their masculinity.   We won’t change people’s minds about men by hiding our natures like some private shame.  We change people’s minds by embracing our masculinity and showing it off as the gift that it is.  Take up space when you sit down, strut like a football player when you walk, use hand gestures when you talk to declare you personal space. 

      People may gang up on you and you may have to retreat but remember that retreat is not failure.  George Washington lost almost all his battles. His greatest achievement was not achieving victory over the British it was keeping an army in the field.  As long as he had an army the British could not declare victory and would continue to pour money into the war that the Crown didn’t have to spend.  You do the same thing by reminding yourself that you are important and as long as you are in the field we ARE winning!

        Top Hat Optional but Recommended
        7. Look sharp

        People judge you on your appearance. They always have and always will.  This is not a liability if you make it work in your favor. We all have seen how easy things can get for beautiful women.  Believe it or not it works for men as well. People will be more likely to listen with an open mind if you are someone they find attractive and who takes pride in his appearance.  I’m not saying become a metro male, but there’s nothing wrong with getting your hair styled, wearing clothes that are modern and in good repair, and a nice pair of shoes that require actual shoe polish.  Wash behind your ears, get control of your nose and ear hair, and remember that every guy looks better in an athletic fit T-shirt.  How you treat yourself affects how others will treat you.  If you want an extreme example just look at a homeless guy on the street.  Few people respect them and most ignore them but if they take a shower and put on nice clean clothes and go to the mall then nobody can tell the difference.  Each of us can make a transformation from zero to hero and no one will know if you’ve lost your job or are under-employed.  As the pick up artists say, “fake it until you make it”.   Act like the man you want to be and you will become the man you want to be.

          Knock 'em down one at a time
          8. Get out There!
           Unless you are turning water into beer people aren’t going to flock to you to hear you tell the tell.  That means you’ve got to put yourself out there.  I personally like to go to bars and talk to people.  I used to hate bars for the obvious reason but believe me when you aren’t there to pick up women you’ll be amazed how much fun this can be.  Going there just to meet people, have a beer and a conversation is good for your soul and better for the movement.  Remember the conversation starters that work best and share them with other MRA’s, because every person we bring to our side takes away someone from their side. That’s like losing 2 for them!

              9. Have you Snubbed a Woman Today?:  

              In my experience the only thing women hate more than being objectified by men is NOT being objectified by men.  After all, there’s a reason they don push-up bras, mini tanks, and low rise jeans and it ain’t because it's hot outside.   Women want men to look at them and they really only complain when some guy they don’t like looks at them.  So if you appear unimpressed by them or won't hit on them at all it totally fucks with their head and the better looking she is the easier it is to scramble what’s up there.  Think of every woman who ever took a big ole dump on you because you had the gall to chat her up.  It hurt like hell didn’t it?  Well believe it or not it hurts women too when men do it and you don’t have to be the hottest dude around for it to work.  In fact, it works even better if a not-as-hot guy does it.   Whenever possible let a woman know that her shit does in fact stink and that marriage is a fools game.  Just as men have changed to cater to the women they want so to will women change for a man they want. The more men who snub them for being a hate mongering feminist skankbot or just for acting entitled, then the more women will wonder what they are doing wrong.  Most women seem like they have an introspection dysfunction, but there’s nothing like a little rejection to make them reassess things.  And while they are digging around up there in self-entitlement land they just might realize how fucked up they are.  Either way, you’ve just proven to yourself that you are better than her and put women on notice that we aren’t putting up with the same old shit anymore.

              Knocking Feminism Out!
              10. Know How to Declare Victory:

              The Internet reaches billions of people. From social networking sites to news sources, to blogs; if there is a forum on these sites then we can get our message out there.  Don’t sit quietly while some ass hat spouts some false feminist history or spews some bogus statistic.  Every time we see this we must respond to it with the truth.  Even if you aren’t sure about the veracity of a report or don’t have the statistics to back up your belief you can still point to the misandrist nature of the report or story and show how such a belief would be racism or sexism or religious hatred if the “subject” were anyone other than men. The more you debate the better you get at it, but just challenging the feminist dogma is a victory for men.  In the past men would be shouted down and shamed for speaking the truth but the Internet levels the playing field and the more vicious they get the more they look like idiots.  

              Whether you are debating on the Internet or talking to someone in a bar or at school you need to know how to declare victory and move on.   For me, the moment a feminist says, “What about rape?” or starts calling me names is the moment I know I’ve won and I make sure they know it.  If they are losing a debate sooner or later they segue into “What about rape” because this is the feminist ultimate weapon.  By playing the rape card they are admitting they’ve lost so make sure everyone knows it and then destroy their rape card.  Let them know that while all men are capable of rape only a tiny fraction of men ever commit rape and to characterize all men as sexual predators when in fact we are fiercely against it is the very definition of hatred.  And if she tries to use shaming language point out that personal attacks do not advance her position.  "Real Men" don't allow others to define what a real man is.      Having declared victory move on to the next battle.

                Saturday, January 1, 2011

                Why the Men's Movement Struggles and What we can do about it.

                This post was a response to the blog on the website

                I do not agree with most of what you said but I'm glad you are asking these questions.

                I'm sure you've read "The Woman Racket", and in this book Steve Moxon explains the affect TRP2 has on the sexes. This gene activates upon sex detection of males. For males encountering males it triggers domination and competition. If you want to know why the Men's Movement can't get together like the feminists it is because of this gene. We are all in competition with each other which is why we use terms like Mangina and White Knight to refer to men who don't agree with us or have failed to escape their genetic and cultural programming. However, we are vilifying these men (just as feminists have vilified us!) who we would be better off persuading.  After a million years of competition, each of us know instinctively that every man is a threat. We must create a philosophy and code of behavior to overcome this conditioning.

                When women encounter males TRP2 triggers discrimination. Women have always needed to discriminate or else they would just go making babies with any nice guy who whipped it out. Not a good way to ensure the survivability of offspring.

                (As an aside, my definition of feminism is, "The politicization of the female's genetic predisposition to discriminate against men."  I'm still working on this one)

                However, when men and women encounter females TRP2 remains dormant.  Men defer to women; we do not compete and we do not dominate (despite what feminists say!). Women accept other women. This is why women accept whatever other women say even if they believe it to be false. It's also why women have such a problem with female bosses.  They don't like it when some women rise in the hierarchy above them.  They aren't genetically programmed to deal with that kind of competition and domination. (Cognitive Dissonance occurs--see below)

                What makes it all work?  Cognitive Dissonance. This is the anxiety one feels when their actions do not correspond to their beliefs or in our case when logic, justice, and reality, do not match up with our genetic predisposition to defer to or accept women. 

                Women do not care about the suffering of men because men are ultimately either winners or losers (relative to their own mate value and status). If you've been painted as a rapist or if you lose your job because some woman got affirmative action then you are a loser and most women are unconcerned.   Any man who is not above a woman in status is not even on her radar.  For thousands of years women have developed a thick skin when it comes to the suffering of men. How many sons and husbands have come home bloody and mutilated from battle or broken from working in mines or fields?  If women really cared about the welfare of men they would find it too difficult to allow us to do the hard dirty dangerous things that we have always been forced to do.  Think of the way men react when women are in danger?  That reaction is the default reaction when TRP2 is dormant.  When we see 100 men die in an action movie our reaction to that is the way we feel when TRP2 is activated.

                TRP2 is the primary reason feminists have been so successful and men have been so pathetic at countering this movement. We simply fail to see women as competition or as threats. And because men have always been a threat to each of us we have occasionally joined the feminist movement because of the power that ideology gave to weaker men to denounce and control other men.

                Much of the attributes you mentioned regarding women are not quite accurate.  Remember that feminism utilized the same tactics that the Nazis and the Maoists used.  They shouted down anyone who opposed them, labeled them sexists, which destroyed many men's reputations and silenced the rest. (For feminists destroying men with words and accusations was more effective than killing us with guns and bombs.  After all, men can band together to defend themselves from war, but not from the words of women.)  Both men and women fell to those oppressive ideologies in Germany and China and so did many women and men in the U.S. Without an effective rebuttal from men each generation of women were themselves indoctrinated in feminist theory and became even more corrupt, selfish, and jaded.  Today, most women believe feminist theory and history even if they do not consider themselves feminists. The indoctrination is so complete that the feminist mindset is now the status quo not some radical pedagogy. 

                Another very important factor weighing in women's favor is the fact that they control reproduction. If men are deemed to be unsuitable then we may be denied access to reproduction.  Think of the man falsely accused of rape.  He loses his family, job, reputation and even if cleared is never whole again.  Men fear becoming a genetic dead end.  All the abuse, aggression, violence, and hardship that men endure during their lives is all so we can earn the right to reproduce.  To go through all that and have it taken away by someone who ruins your name through false accusation or just publicly labeling you a sexist is more than many men are willing to risk.

                All this said, I think the key to making our movement is not to attack women but to attack the message. To pick apart the message and compare it to other aspects of our society which have been deemed unacceptable.  The moment we put women into the equation we activate TRP2 in the minds of listeners and even if they might be inclined to believe and agree they may still reject our message because of cognitive dissonance.  And in large groups, if just a few people (men or women) complain that we are being unfair to women then it will sway the entire group to either disagree with us or to remain silent in fear.  

                I think we can get away with taking on the most vicious of radical feminists since even most feminists don't agree with them but it's a fine line and we will have to test the waters to see what is acceptable.

                Right now we have the greatest advantage against feminists that we have ever had.  The country is desperate and the economy is in shambles. Millions of men are out of work and women are beginning to realize that being a wage slave does not make them powerful.

                We should focus on those men who are out of work and have plenty of time to ponder their situation. 
                We should remind the government that they have billions of dollars in programs for women and many of these do not have transparency.  For instance, DV shelters have not had transparency for many years.  Few people know what goes on there.

                We should remind women how spending is power and work is not power.  As well as remind them of a time when almost all women could stay home and raise her kids and how families were strong and stayed together.

                We should show the link between the incarceration of millions of males to the ambitions of feminists to demonize men.  The "Get Tough On Crime" is a euphemism for getting back at men.

                Millions of unemployed men need to know that their chances for love and family have been destroyed by feminists and not just the economy.

                We need to show how the education systems favors girls and has resulted in the decline of male academic achievement.  We need to show how feminists in control of the school systems are directly at fault.

                We can do it all, but it starts with living by a code of ethics towards all men.  We simply cannot vilify men as feminists have and consider ourselves any better.  And vilifying women is out of the question. 

                Well I've rambled on enough. It's late and I'm still a wee bit drunk. Happy New Year everyone.

                Wednesday, December 29, 2010

                Below is a response I made on a forum at

                Yes men are apathetic but most know implicitly that the high rate of criminalization of males has reduced their voting power by millions of votes. Males voting is irrelevant. With elections being won by just a million votes it is clear that women own this country and are no longer a minority. The deluge of laws and government agencies which have "women" in their title reinforce the truth that men are second class citizens barely worthy of mention except when assigning blame. Even the Worker Recovery Act which was supposed to spend 700 billion to help the 10's of millions of men who had lost jobs was hijacked by feminists who convinced Obama to divert 40% to women--who actually gained jobs in this recession.

                Video games are the Soma of our generation akin to draftees in Vietnam turning to heroin and marijuana. But I kid you not, with tens of millions of MEN out of work they are starting to realize the inherent inequity of privileging women over men. That buying into the false notion that women are damsels to be protected at the expense of ones own civil and human rights has led to this current debacle. Deferring to women who are competing against you is foolish and unsustainable. We must change and that starts with realizing that women and the feminist entrenched hegemony in the government is not nor ever has been working towards "equality".

                As men we are forced to compete against women, by their insistence, and when we succeed we are sexists and when we fail we are losers. It's an impossible situation resulting in an unfair dichotomy. And even if we do succeed and we get the girl we find most of that hard earned money gets wasted by a wife who equates her self-worth by how much crap she can buy and consume or put in a closet never to be used.

                Marrying is a fools game. The high rate of divorce, with women filing between 70 and 90% of divorces (depending on education level) proves that. Who would invest in anything knowing there is a 50% chance they will lose almost all of it? The reality is that it is the man who becomes property in marriage. He is a woman's very own beast of burden who will toil and slave and turn over the majority of the profits to a wife who has no legal obligation of a fiduciary duty towards him. NOT ONE.

                It's time to start calling men who marry what they really are. They are slaves who willingly gave up their freedom for the lure of false love and sex. All things which they could have achieved outside of marriage.

                It is time to start scrutinizing the message of feminism and questioning the logic of blaming men for everything some 40 years after feminism had already leveled the playing field. Why should the grandsons of 2nd wave feminism suffer more violence, go to schools which preference girls, and have a lower chance of going to college? These men were not even born when so-called patriarchy existed. Why should they be punished now?

                It's time to fight back. That starts with questioning everything. Some sites were listed above I urge you to avail yourself of them and to find others.

                Tuesday, December 28, 2010

                I am a Man.

                I'm a man. That's all I am. I am not a rapist, child molester, or wife/girlfriend beater.  In fact I'm not any of the things feminists describe men as.

                I believe I should make the amount of money that I earn and that this amount will not likely be the same amount others make for the same job, but in fact will reflect my skill, seniority, hours that I work, and whether I work nights, weekends, or holidays.

                I believe that people make choices and that the choices we make are OUR responsibility.  If you have sex without using birth control, regardless of gender, you have to expect that sooner or later a pregnancy will occur.  No woman or man can blame the other for their own actions.

                Beyond that females do have superior reproductive rights.  In fact, males have no actual reproductive "rights".  We are forced to abide by whatever decision a woman makes and to suffer the consequences of her decisions even if she has acted unfairly and deceptively towards us.

                If you think the above is "equality" then you hate men. If you believe that women have "special" needs and therefore inequality is OK then you are a bigot.

                Feminism claims to promote equality between the sexes. The definition is well established, however the practice is quite the opposite.  At every opportunity feminists set themselves up as the superior moral authority and entrench themselves in "special" offices throughout the Federal and State governments.

                Examples--Office of Women's Health of which there are multiple and redundant branches all promoting women's interests.  There are NO such offices for men.

                What if these offices were named, "Office of White Health",  or "Office of White Education", or a law was named "Violence Against Whites Act"?  It would be racist right?  Why is it not considered sexist to name them after women then?  To place the name "Women" into government offices and laws is to imply that women are first class citizens and everyone else (men) are not entitled to the same protections and advocacy as women. (Because we're all equal, but some of us are more equal.)

                The answer is that the fundamental message of feminism is one of female superiority not one of equality.  They teach us that men control everything and have all the power and therefore they don't need their own office of health.  Really?  Is that why men die younger of every known disease than women?  Is that why males make up 85% of the homeless?  Even before the 1960's women lived longer and enjoyed a better standard of living than males. 

                The common theme is that when women have less it's because of sexism but when women have more it's because they are superior. Is that equality?  And what about when men make more but share it with women?  Is there a female equivalent? Are women meeting a nice young man and saying I'd love to support you and take care of you for the rest of your life.  No such thing exists.

                Even though males lost millions of jobs in this recession and women actually gained jobs, feminists under the guise of equality convinced Barack Obama to change the Worker Recovery Act to divert 40% of the 700 billion dollars to help women get jobs.

                This is the equality that feminists seek and follows the unspoken rule that "We're all equal, but women are more equal".

                If you are a woman and hope to be in a lifelong loving relationship with a man what do you think your chances are?  In a society that routinely blames men for everything that is wrong and never places accountability on women even for instances when they clearly have more control, how do you think a relationship with a man will turn out?

                Do you really think that in a society where everything males do is "bad" that you will be able to maintain your love for him?  That in a society where his value is still dependent on his ability to earn a living that you will be able to tolerate long periods of unemployment or underemployment?  And if your love is contingent on him actually working is that really "love"?  What if men did that to women?  What if we dumped you because we didn't think you made enough money or wouldn't work or was laid off?  Would that be the kind of "equality" you could get behind?  And with women dominating managerial and other white collar jobs while men are pigeonholed into the death professions and a vanishing manufacturing base do you really feel you have a right to those attitudes or that they are even sustainable?

                And after 50 years of blaming and hating men, after passing law after law which marginalize and blame men, after restructuring the educational system to benefit girls and alienate boys, and then spending hundreds of billions building prisons for those boys, how long do you think he will be able to maintain his love for you?

                Do you really think men haven't noticed what's going on?

                Women claim they leave men because they are emotionally distant. How can we be otherwise when we are punished and shamed for our emotions and opinions especially if they interfere with a "woman's interests".  Men learn to shut up to get along.  We do this because of systematic abuse from women.  If your husband is too afraid to open up to you it's because you are an evil bitch harpy who punished him and shamed him every time he tried.  After years of training him to suppress his emotions or using his feelings against him later women have no right to hold it against a man for being "distant".

                Well I'm not shutting up. And I'm not taking the blame either.