Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ten Easy Ways to Advance the Men’s Movement (and stick it to feminists)

By Jean Valjean
January 01, 2011

If you are someone who cares about Men’s Rights and you want to know how you can advance the cause while surviving the feminist hegemony then this article is for you. 

There are a lot of barriers to success for the MRM.  There is a genetic predisposition to privilege women, a predisposition to compete against other men, and a mountain of propaganda spanning three generations which pretty much blames men for every bad thing that ever existed anywhere.  We’re like Satan only they can make laws to fuck with us.

So what’s a dude to do living in a feminist matriarchy?  I know it seems hopeless sometimes when you see that the deck is stacked against us, opportunities are limited, and it seems like the more you learn about what’s going on the more angry and/or depressed and/or hopeless you get.  But there are things each of us can do to make a big difference and here’s my top ten list.

1. Educate yourself:  

In the past the most powerful warriors donned armor and used fine weapons against their enemies and a well armed nobility could destroy a peasant army of thousands. Think of the Battle of Agincourt which was dramatized in Shakespeare’s Henry V.   The St. Crispin’s Day speech inspired the English troops to victory over the French’s numerically superior forces ("the fewer men, the greater share of honour.").  However it was an empowered Yeoman class that was able to field well equipped Long Bowmen and Men at Arms that destroyed the French’s largely peasant force.   Even though the French cavalry could have wiped out the English, their peasant masses, faced with the superior Men at Arms broke and fled the field en masse with the noble cavalry right behind them.   Today’s indoctrinated masses only know what they’ve been told which means they are not equipped to deal with facts, logic, and truth.   The truth is our sword and our belief in the rightness of our cause is our shield.  So arm yourselves with the best accoutrement available and when the battles are over share your war stories with other men so they can learn how to carry the fight with us.  And let those men who are not with us “think themselves accursed that they were not here and hold their manhoods cheap” because every day is St. Crispin’s Day!  


2. Respect yourself:

I know this sounds like some silly new age crapola from the Cult of Oprah Book Club, but the truth is each of us must learn to take care of numero uno (you!).  It can get pretty depressing going up against an entire political and cultural system which operates on the false assumption that all men are scumbags or that feminism is really about equality (wuh?).   But remember that going up against impossible odds is how legends are born.  Think of the Battle of Thermopylae and how 300 stood against millions.  Yeah, yeah, they all died.  So what! Everyone dies. We live in interesting times my friends and to tell “my truth” I’d rather live in this time and fight this fight than any other.  We have an opportunity to change the world one blog post at a time.  So get your head on straight and keep that chin up.  We’ve all got work to do.  In a hundred years the “Greatest Generation” won’t be the guys who beat fascism in WWII.  They will be the guys who saved civilization from feminism and brought real equality and greater understanding of the world to everyone. Yes it’s a monumental task but that just means it will be a monumental victory!                                                                                                                     

    3. Spread the message:

    Decide what are our most salient points and bring them up in conversation with people you meet.  Reproductive rights, parental rights, and criminal law are some of our most important and unassailable grievances. Few people, male or female, do not know of someone who hasn’t been screwed over by a vindictive ex-wife, or denied access to his kids while being forced to pay draconian support payments, or heard of someone who was falsely accused.   I was at a party tonight and a guy I was talking to actually moved right into these topics on his own.  There’s nothing like finding allies out in the world so when you do lead them here.  Be polite but more importantly, be competent. 

    4. Recruit the Willing:

    Misandry has been around for a long time.
    Like above there are people who agree with our issues or who can be persuaded.  Be ready to get their email or phone number and forward them your favorite blog or website addresses.  The Internet has a wealth of information conveniently located for people to read but not everyone knows it’s there. Be the person who leads them.  Target your message to these people. For instance, if they are divorced point out how the movement is working to reform divorce laws. If they are laid off then point out how Obama gave 40% of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to women even though women gained jobs in the recession.  Tailor your message to these people and let them discover on their own the rest. Isn’t that how you got here?

        Working out and they look good doing it!
      5. Exercise Regularly:

      Sometimes it seems the more I learn about what’s going on the more bummed out and frustrated I get.  Exercise not only helps to alleviate my stress but it also helps me keep my cool if a “discussion” gets a little heated. Also, remember that most of the best warriors were both educated and physically strong.  So consult your doctor if you have one and start off slow. Cardio is good, but strength training for men is even better because it boosts testosterone and well a little extra natural testosterone makes everything better.  Believe me there is nothing better to keep a discussion civil than your opponents knowing you’ve got the guns to back it up.  No matter what age you are you can benefit from exercise and strength training.

      6. Remember You are Important:

      If you listen to misandrists long enough pretty soon you’ll start to believe that shit they callously spew forth from their selfish little mouths.  Remember that the hierarchical nature of our society conspires to force men down more than it allows them to rise.  But the hierarchy itself is not regulated by others.  No one decides that YOU are a loser. It is a chemical process that happens inside your brain when you lose more than you win.  It’s an evolutionary illusion designed to make men into Alphas, Betas, and Omegas.  Be a Zeta!  That means that your value and self-worth doesn’t hinge on the number of men you have bullied or beat down in your life or from the number of women you’ve banged or touchdowns you’ve made.  Your value comes from self-respect.  Treat yourself that way and so will others.  For a long time many men have learned how to make themselves small and to be ashamed of their masculinity.   We won’t change people’s minds about men by hiding our natures like some private shame.  We change people’s minds by embracing our masculinity and showing it off as the gift that it is.  Take up space when you sit down, strut like a football player when you walk, use hand gestures when you talk to declare you personal space. 

      People may gang up on you and you may have to retreat but remember that retreat is not failure.  George Washington lost almost all his battles. His greatest achievement was not achieving victory over the British it was keeping an army in the field.  As long as he had an army the British could not declare victory and would continue to pour money into the war that the Crown didn’t have to spend.  You do the same thing by reminding yourself that you are important and as long as you are in the field we ARE winning!

        Top Hat Optional but Recommended
        7. Look sharp

        People judge you on your appearance. They always have and always will.  This is not a liability if you make it work in your favor. We all have seen how easy things can get for beautiful women.  Believe it or not it works for men as well. People will be more likely to listen with an open mind if you are someone they find attractive and who takes pride in his appearance.  I’m not saying become a metro male, but there’s nothing wrong with getting your hair styled, wearing clothes that are modern and in good repair, and a nice pair of shoes that require actual shoe polish.  Wash behind your ears, get control of your nose and ear hair, and remember that every guy looks better in an athletic fit T-shirt.  How you treat yourself affects how others will treat you.  If you want an extreme example just look at a homeless guy on the street.  Few people respect them and most ignore them but if they take a shower and put on nice clean clothes and go to the mall then nobody can tell the difference.  Each of us can make a transformation from zero to hero and no one will know if you’ve lost your job or are under-employed.  As the pick up artists say, “fake it until you make it”.   Act like the man you want to be and you will become the man you want to be.

          Knock 'em down one at a time
          8. Get out There!
           Unless you are turning water into beer people aren’t going to flock to you to hear you tell the tell.  That means you’ve got to put yourself out there.  I personally like to go to bars and talk to people.  I used to hate bars for the obvious reason but believe me when you aren’t there to pick up women you’ll be amazed how much fun this can be.  Going there just to meet people, have a beer and a conversation is good for your soul and better for the movement.  Remember the conversation starters that work best and share them with other MRA’s, because every person we bring to our side takes away someone from their side. That’s like losing 2 for them!

              9. Have you Snubbed a Woman Today?:  

              In my experience the only thing women hate more than being objectified by men is NOT being objectified by men.  After all, there’s a reason they don push-up bras, mini tanks, and low rise jeans and it ain’t because it's hot outside.   Women want men to look at them and they really only complain when some guy they don’t like looks at them.  So if you appear unimpressed by them or won't hit on them at all it totally fucks with their head and the better looking she is the easier it is to scramble what’s up there.  Think of every woman who ever took a big ole dump on you because you had the gall to chat her up.  It hurt like hell didn’t it?  Well believe it or not it hurts women too when men do it and you don’t have to be the hottest dude around for it to work.  In fact, it works even better if a not-as-hot guy does it.   Whenever possible let a woman know that her shit does in fact stink and that marriage is a fools game.  Just as men have changed to cater to the women they want so to will women change for a man they want. The more men who snub them for being a hate mongering feminist skankbot or just for acting entitled, then the more women will wonder what they are doing wrong.  Most women seem like they have an introspection dysfunction, but there’s nothing like a little rejection to make them reassess things.  And while they are digging around up there in self-entitlement land they just might realize how fucked up they are.  Either way, you’ve just proven to yourself that you are better than her and put women on notice that we aren’t putting up with the same old shit anymore.

              Knocking Feminism Out!
              10. Know How to Declare Victory:

              The Internet reaches billions of people. From social networking sites to news sources, to blogs; if there is a forum on these sites then we can get our message out there.  Don’t sit quietly while some ass hat spouts some false feminist history or spews some bogus statistic.  Every time we see this we must respond to it with the truth.  Even if you aren’t sure about the veracity of a report or don’t have the statistics to back up your belief you can still point to the misandrist nature of the report or story and show how such a belief would be racism or sexism or religious hatred if the “subject” were anyone other than men. The more you debate the better you get at it, but just challenging the feminist dogma is a victory for men.  In the past men would be shouted down and shamed for speaking the truth but the Internet levels the playing field and the more vicious they get the more they look like idiots.  

              Whether you are debating on the Internet or talking to someone in a bar or at school you need to know how to declare victory and move on.   For me, the moment a feminist says, “What about rape?” or starts calling me names is the moment I know I’ve won and I make sure they know it.  If they are losing a debate sooner or later they segue into “What about rape” because this is the feminist ultimate weapon.  By playing the rape card they are admitting they’ve lost so make sure everyone knows it and then destroy their rape card.  Let them know that while all men are capable of rape only a tiny fraction of men ever commit rape and to characterize all men as sexual predators when in fact we are fiercely against it is the very definition of hatred.  And if she tries to use shaming language point out that personal attacks do not advance her position.  "Real Men" don't allow others to define what a real man is.      Having declared victory move on to the next battle.


                1. Dang - all good advice.

                  Whoever you are - you DO have some in depth understanding of things.

                  Another excellent article!

                2. Wonderful work. Posting the Crispin Day's speech was a brilliant touch. I note you are a Psychology student. You might find some of the material on The Unknown History of MISANDRY useful. In coming weeks more will be posted on Parental Alienation. Some of the historical Alienation cases I've turned up will be mentioned in an upcoming psychology publication (by a different author) and promise to affect the debate. Also, I strongly suggest you take a look at the Georgia Tann case, the Serial Child-killer (and kidnapper, and baby-seller, and child molester-torturer). A major case that deserves attention from MRA intellectuals. -- Again, you are doing superlative work. -- St. Estephe

                3. Just stumbled upon your blog by accident, & like what I see, I hope you'll write some more articles soon.

                  Feel welcome to pop over & check out my antimisandry library
                  if you get the chance sometime.