Saturday, January 29, 2011

A response to "You are not going ghost; you are not going anywhere"

Below is a response to an Online Article I posted at AGITPROP entitled "You are not going ghost; you are not going anywhere" by Jamila.

Nice try but the truth is men are more fluid sexually than you think. Male “homophobia” is a necessary response to women who control reproduction. Males who spend a lifetime making accomplishments so they can gain value so they will be selected for reproduction are loath to squander any opportunity for sex through a simple and preventable faux pas such as sex preference mis-identification.

Question: “Are you gay?”, she says.
Correct Answer: “Hell no!”
Incorrect Answer: “I like gay men.”

Truth be told, in the peep booths of XXX shops, in the prisons that house 7 million men in the U.S., in the absence of women, male sexual fluidity runs in rivers not just rivulets.

And for most men going ghost, they’ve already made the determination that women are either not in the offing or simply not worth the effort and risk. Women can own that one all their own but of course they won’t. As the saying goes, “Never underestimate the ability of a feminist to blame men”. And these days nearly all women have absorbed the indoctrination of feminism before they reach adulthood.

As for the essential qualities of the female sex organ and her superior companionship I can tell you that neither are particularly special and both are reproducible.

A myriad of products not only mimic the female vagina but improve on it greatly. They are cheap at about 20 bucks and don’t require that we cuddle afterward or get mad that we want to watch Sportscenter. And porn is a cheap and ubiquitous method of reproducing the infatuation of sexual conquest. And best of all it never says “No”. And frankly speaking, given the high out of wedlock birth rate and the multitude of partners that women have in their lifetimes it’s pretty clear that not only are “pocket Pu$$ies” a superior substitute, but also the safer one.

As for female companionship. . . well the term is an oxymoron. Women use men as a resource. They are not our friends. If they were our friends we wouldn’t have feminism. Women want men to give them stuff and their companionship with us has always revolved around exploiting that relationship. There’s a reason why young men spend more time with computer games than with women or trying to get women. As companions you are outclassed by computers that still aren’t powerful enough to run the basic systems of cognitive processing. When the cartoon image of a woman in a computer game is more interesting than a real woman and millions of young men agree that’s saying something.

As for prostitution I will disagree once again. Comparing the pathological need of men in history to pursue sex at any cost to modern males who are turning away from women and society is a non-starter. Chinese men of the 1800′s had never had their rights stripped from them by their women. They had never been cuckolded in large numbers, had their children taken away from them, or had an education system turned against them. In fact, ironically, these men were making huge sacrifices in personal freedom and safety to go to the U.S. to work under terrible conditions to make money to send home or to make money to bring home so they could attract a woman to marry them. How’s that for your patriarchal oppressor? Nothing says “oppression” like the voluntary transfer of assets to the oppressed classes.

But I digress. I’m a male after all so I didn’t have far to go.

I’ve slept with prostitutes (using the word “slept” loosely and the word “loosely” literally). Frankly, I found it a dehumanizing and demoralizing experience. Why pay a woman to do for me what I can do for myself for free in the privacy of my own home? If a man is going to go ghost then why in the world would he engage in a similarly exploitative relationship with a woman?

Men are learning all to well that a woman’s “love” is never unconditional. If men aren’t willing to engage women in normal relationships because they find those women repugnant and hateful then it’s likely they will be repulsed, in short order, by prostitutes who express the same mentality. The significant difference is she wants cash up front.


  1. For some reason, that reminds me of "Mars Attacks"...

    The martians are saying, "Do not run, we are your friends" - while they are blowing everybody away...

  2. The more women don't address our issues, the more tey alienate us...

    Alphas will get the women & betas will bow out gracefully...

    Spells disaster for women & the economy