Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why the Men's Movement Struggles and What we can do about it.

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I do not agree with most of what you said but I'm glad you are asking these questions.

I'm sure you've read "The Woman Racket", and in this book Steve Moxon explains the affect TRP2 has on the sexes. This gene activates upon sex detection of males. For males encountering males it triggers domination and competition. If you want to know why the Men's Movement can't get together like the feminists it is because of this gene. We are all in competition with each other which is why we use terms like Mangina and White Knight to refer to men who don't agree with us or have failed to escape their genetic and cultural programming. However, we are vilifying these men (just as feminists have vilified us!) who we would be better off persuading.  After a million years of competition, each of us know instinctively that every man is a threat. We must create a philosophy and code of behavior to overcome this conditioning.

When women encounter males TRP2 triggers discrimination. Women have always needed to discriminate or else they would just go making babies with any nice guy who whipped it out. Not a good way to ensure the survivability of offspring.

(As an aside, my definition of feminism is, "The politicization of the female's genetic predisposition to discriminate against men."  I'm still working on this one)

However, when men and women encounter females TRP2 remains dormant.  Men defer to women; we do not compete and we do not dominate (despite what feminists say!). Women accept other women. This is why women accept whatever other women say even if they believe it to be false. It's also why women have such a problem with female bosses.  They don't like it when some women rise in the hierarchy above them.  They aren't genetically programmed to deal with that kind of competition and domination. (Cognitive Dissonance occurs--see below)

What makes it all work?  Cognitive Dissonance. This is the anxiety one feels when their actions do not correspond to their beliefs or in our case when logic, justice, and reality, do not match up with our genetic predisposition to defer to or accept women. 

Women do not care about the suffering of men because men are ultimately either winners or losers (relative to their own mate value and status). If you've been painted as a rapist or if you lose your job because some woman got affirmative action then you are a loser and most women are unconcerned.   Any man who is not above a woman in status is not even on her radar.  For thousands of years women have developed a thick skin when it comes to the suffering of men. How many sons and husbands have come home bloody and mutilated from battle or broken from working in mines or fields?  If women really cared about the welfare of men they would find it too difficult to allow us to do the hard dirty dangerous things that we have always been forced to do.  Think of the way men react when women are in danger?  That reaction is the default reaction when TRP2 is dormant.  When we see 100 men die in an action movie our reaction to that is the way we feel when TRP2 is activated.

TRP2 is the primary reason feminists have been so successful and men have been so pathetic at countering this movement. We simply fail to see women as competition or as threats. And because men have always been a threat to each of us we have occasionally joined the feminist movement because of the power that ideology gave to weaker men to denounce and control other men.

Much of the attributes you mentioned regarding women are not quite accurate.  Remember that feminism utilized the same tactics that the Nazis and the Maoists used.  They shouted down anyone who opposed them, labeled them sexists, which destroyed many men's reputations and silenced the rest. (For feminists destroying men with words and accusations was more effective than killing us with guns and bombs.  After all, men can band together to defend themselves from war, but not from the words of women.)  Both men and women fell to those oppressive ideologies in Germany and China and so did many women and men in the U.S. Without an effective rebuttal from men each generation of women were themselves indoctrinated in feminist theory and became even more corrupt, selfish, and jaded.  Today, most women believe feminist theory and history even if they do not consider themselves feminists. The indoctrination is so complete that the feminist mindset is now the status quo not some radical pedagogy. 

Another very important factor weighing in women's favor is the fact that they control reproduction. If men are deemed to be unsuitable then we may be denied access to reproduction.  Think of the man falsely accused of rape.  He loses his family, job, reputation and even if cleared is never whole again.  Men fear becoming a genetic dead end.  All the abuse, aggression, violence, and hardship that men endure during their lives is all so we can earn the right to reproduce.  To go through all that and have it taken away by someone who ruins your name through false accusation or just publicly labeling you a sexist is more than many men are willing to risk.

All this said, I think the key to making our movement is not to attack women but to attack the message. To pick apart the message and compare it to other aspects of our society which have been deemed unacceptable.  The moment we put women into the equation we activate TRP2 in the minds of listeners and even if they might be inclined to believe and agree they may still reject our message because of cognitive dissonance.  And in large groups, if just a few people (men or women) complain that we are being unfair to women then it will sway the entire group to either disagree with us or to remain silent in fear.  

I think we can get away with taking on the most vicious of radical feminists since even most feminists don't agree with them but it's a fine line and we will have to test the waters to see what is acceptable.

Right now we have the greatest advantage against feminists that we have ever had.  The country is desperate and the economy is in shambles. Millions of men are out of work and women are beginning to realize that being a wage slave does not make them powerful.

We should focus on those men who are out of work and have plenty of time to ponder their situation. 
We should remind the government that they have billions of dollars in programs for women and many of these do not have transparency.  For instance, DV shelters have not had transparency for many years.  Few people know what goes on there.

We should remind women how spending is power and work is not power.  As well as remind them of a time when almost all women could stay home and raise her kids and how families were strong and stayed together.

We should show the link between the incarceration of millions of males to the ambitions of feminists to demonize men.  The "Get Tough On Crime" is a euphemism for getting back at men.

Millions of unemployed men need to know that their chances for love and family have been destroyed by feminists and not just the economy.

We need to show how the education systems favors girls and has resulted in the decline of male academic achievement.  We need to show how feminists in control of the school systems are directly at fault.

We can do it all, but it starts with living by a code of ethics towards all men.  We simply cannot vilify men as feminists have and consider ourselves any better.  And vilifying women is out of the question. 

Well I've rambled on enough. It's late and I'm still a wee bit drunk. Happy New Year everyone.