Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Yes men are apathetic but most know implicitly that the high rate of criminalization of males has reduced their voting power by millions of votes. Males voting is irrelevant. With elections being won by just a million votes it is clear that women own this country and are no longer a minority. The deluge of laws and government agencies which have "women" in their title reinforce the truth that men are second class citizens barely worthy of mention except when assigning blame. Even the Worker Recovery Act which was supposed to spend 700 billion to help the 10's of millions of men who had lost jobs was hijacked by feminists who convinced Obama to divert 40% to women--who actually gained jobs in this recession.

Video games are the Soma of our generation akin to draftees in Vietnam turning to heroin and marijuana. But I kid you not, with tens of millions of MEN out of work they are starting to realize the inherent inequity of privileging women over men. That buying into the false notion that women are damsels to be protected at the expense of ones own civil and human rights has led to this current debacle. Deferring to women who are competing against you is foolish and unsustainable. We must change and that starts with realizing that women and the feminist entrenched hegemony in the government is not nor ever has been working towards "equality".

As men we are forced to compete against women, by their insistence, and when we succeed we are sexists and when we fail we are losers. It's an impossible situation resulting in an unfair dichotomy. And even if we do succeed and we get the girl we find most of that hard earned money gets wasted by a wife who equates her self-worth by how much crap she can buy and consume or put in a closet never to be used.

Marrying is a fools game. The high rate of divorce, with women filing between 70 and 90% of divorces (depending on education level) proves that. Who would invest in anything knowing there is a 50% chance they will lose almost all of it? The reality is that it is the man who becomes property in marriage. He is a woman's very own beast of burden who will toil and slave and turn over the majority of the profits to a wife who has no legal obligation of a fiduciary duty towards him. NOT ONE.

It's time to start calling men who marry what they really are. They are slaves who willingly gave up their freedom for the lure of false love and sex. All things which they could have achieved outside of marriage.

It is time to start scrutinizing the message of feminism and questioning the logic of blaming men for everything some 40 years after feminism had already leveled the playing field. Why should the grandsons of 2nd wave feminism suffer more violence, go to schools which preference girls, and have a lower chance of going to college? These men were not even born when so-called patriarchy existed. Why should they be punished now?

It's time to fight back. That starts with questioning everything. Some sites were listed above I urge you to avail yourself of them and to find others.

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