Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I am a Man.

I'm a man. That's all I am. I am not a rapist, child molester, or wife/girlfriend beater.  In fact I'm not any of the things feminists describe men as.

I believe I should make the amount of money that I earn and that this amount will not likely be the same amount others make for the same job, but in fact will reflect my skill, seniority, hours that I work, and whether I work nights, weekends, or holidays.

I believe that people make choices and that the choices we make are OUR responsibility.  If you have sex without using birth control, regardless of gender, you have to expect that sooner or later a pregnancy will occur.  No woman or man can blame the other for their own actions.

Beyond that females do have superior reproductive rights.  In fact, males have no actual reproductive "rights".  We are forced to abide by whatever decision a woman makes and to suffer the consequences of her decisions even if she has acted unfairly and deceptively towards us.

If you think the above is "equality" then you hate men. If you believe that women have "special" needs and therefore inequality is OK then you are a bigot.

Feminism claims to promote equality between the sexes. The definition is well established, however the practice is quite the opposite.  At every opportunity feminists set themselves up as the superior moral authority and entrench themselves in "special" offices throughout the Federal and State governments.

Examples--Office of Women's Health of which there are multiple and redundant branches all promoting women's interests.  There are NO such offices for men.

What if these offices were named, "Office of White Health",  or "Office of White Education", or a law was named "Violence Against Whites Act"?  It would be racist right?  Why is it not considered sexist to name them after women then?  To place the name "Women" into government offices and laws is to imply that women are first class citizens and everyone else (men) are not entitled to the same protections and advocacy as women. (Because we're all equal, but some of us are more equal.)

The answer is that the fundamental message of feminism is one of female superiority not one of equality.  They teach us that men control everything and have all the power and therefore they don't need their own office of health.  Really?  Is that why men die younger of every known disease than women?  Is that why males make up 85% of the homeless?  Even before the 1960's women lived longer and enjoyed a better standard of living than males. 

The common theme is that when women have less it's because of sexism but when women have more it's because they are superior. Is that equality?  And what about when men make more but share it with women?  Is there a female equivalent? Are women meeting a nice young man and saying I'd love to support you and take care of you for the rest of your life.  No such thing exists.

Even though males lost millions of jobs in this recession and women actually gained jobs, feminists under the guise of equality convinced Barack Obama to change the Worker Recovery Act to divert 40% of the 700 billion dollars to help women get jobs.

This is the equality that feminists seek and follows the unspoken rule that "We're all equal, but women are more equal".

If you are a woman and hope to be in a lifelong loving relationship with a man what do you think your chances are?  In a society that routinely blames men for everything that is wrong and never places accountability on women even for instances when they clearly have more control, how do you think a relationship with a man will turn out?

Do you really think that in a society where everything males do is "bad" that you will be able to maintain your love for him?  That in a society where his value is still dependent on his ability to earn a living that you will be able to tolerate long periods of unemployment or underemployment?  And if your love is contingent on him actually working is that really "love"?  What if men did that to women?  What if we dumped you because we didn't think you made enough money or wouldn't work or was laid off?  Would that be the kind of "equality" you could get behind?  And with women dominating managerial and other white collar jobs while men are pigeonholed into the death professions and a vanishing manufacturing base do you really feel you have a right to those attitudes or that they are even sustainable?

And after 50 years of blaming and hating men, after passing law after law which marginalize and blame men, after restructuring the educational system to benefit girls and alienate boys, and then spending hundreds of billions building prisons for those boys, how long do you think he will be able to maintain his love for you?

Do you really think men haven't noticed what's going on?

Women claim they leave men because they are emotionally distant. How can we be otherwise when we are punished and shamed for our emotions and opinions especially if they interfere with a "woman's interests".  Men learn to shut up to get along.  We do this because of systematic abuse from women.  If your husband is too afraid to open up to you it's because you are an evil bitch harpy who punished him and shamed him every time he tried.  After years of training him to suppress his emotions or using his feelings against him later women have no right to hold it against a man for being "distant".

Well I'm not shutting up. And I'm not taking the blame either.

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