Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who is the Slave?

I say to you, reader, who is the slave?  Feminists have said that marriage is slavery for women. That women were property of men and therefore virtual slaves.  I say to you, that like most feminist pedagogy, this is a deliberate mischaracterization of men that relies on a human genetic predisposition to descriminate against men NOT women.

Think of the farmer and a mule.  Doesn't the farmer provide a clean space for the mule to sleep in every night?  Gives the mule nutritious food, medical care and even affection?   But what objective person would ever think the farmer was the slave or property of the mule?  The mule is the one who pulls the heavy plow all day in the hot sun and all the prosperity generated by the mule flows freely to the farmer.

Now think of the wife.  Doesn't the wife provide a clean space for the farmer to sleep every night?  Gives him nutritious food, medical care and even affection?  And yet, somehow, even though the farmer is the one who toils all day in the hot sun guiding a plow through the fields, even though the prosperity he generates flows freely to the wife, somehow feminists consider her a slave or property.

I say to you, the reader, that this blog is about the true history of humanity. How men have been the disadvantaged sex, prostrate to the incessant demands and whims of women.  It is men who have done the majority of work, been forced to take the greatest risks, and had their lives taken from them by a system intent on privileging women at our expense.

Feminism is not a movement for equality. It is patriarchy 2.0.  A movement designed to achieve what women have always wanted--to make someone else accountable and responsible for their health, safety, and welfare.  Instead of using individual men, women have upgraded to the government--the Uber Father.  Feminism, in this respect is no different than patriarchy.  They are no more independent, or happy, or liberated than they ever were.  They are in fact less happy, work longer hours, are more prone to poverty than ever.  All this and simultaneously they have ripped the guts out of the middle class.  And despite their promise of "equal rights" feminists have systematically been stripping men of their Constitutional and human rights under the unspoken guise of "We're all equal, but women are more equal".

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