Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't Get Married! Wuh?

Don't get married!!! Yeah it feels good to say it and you think you are protecting yourself--and you are to an extent.

But the motive of feminism is to divide men and women and create more households and more taxpayers all at the expense of both men and women.

Check out this 6 part series from Manwomanmyth on YouTube.

How does not getting married help our movement or harm feminists? Feminists are the ones trying to destroy marriage in the first place!
For starters it keeps men and women divided which means we have to pay for two households and 2 sets of furniture, silverware, cars, dishwashers, stoves, etc. etc.  Business and government loves the battle of the sexes because it makes them rich and powerful.

Instead of turning away from women because of all the abuse we've received we need to realize that women, manginas, and white knights have been duped by feminism.    The real villains are businesses and politicians who spread misandry for profit. 

What incentive do women and manginas have to change their minds when we set ourselves against them?  I know there is a lot of hurt going on these days but turning away from women will only add more loneliness to the mix.  And turning away from reproduction will mean that our genes which carry our logic and ability to even see this injustice won't be transmitted to the next generation.  We do ourselves and our cause a disservice by turning away.  And frankly, if I were a mangina or white knight I would be thinking about all the pussy that I'm going to get because MRA's have turned away from women.  Meanwhile, the real culprits--business and government--are going to sell us crap we don't need to fill the void in our lives.  We become just as hoodwinked as the feminists, manginas, and white knights.

50% of marriage end in divorce, but 50% do not.  If I was a potter and 50% of the time my pots broke in the kiln I wouldn't quit being a potter but instead I would try to figure out what went right the other 50% of the time.

Find out what works and when you meet women vet them based on those qualities that she has which make marriages work. And when you dump her because she has these negative attitudes of men then she knows it's actually not "you" it's "her".   The best part of all is that our due diligence in vetting women will mean that the manginas, feminists, and white knights will likely end up with each together!  And believe me they deserve each other.

Heartbreak is a powerful life changing tool as many men have found out the hard way.  By engaging in relationships and rejecting women based on their indoctrinated hatred of men you turn the tables on them and let them hurt for awhile.  Maybe while they are licking their wounds they'll think about what you've told them and maybe re-evaluate feminism and misandry.


  1. Excellent article - and many excellent points.

    However - I think that what is missing here is this...

    Marriage is no longer Marriage.

    Marriage has already been re-written by feminists and others - so as to make it a lose-lose proposition for men, and a win-win proposition for women.

    Just because only 50% end in divorce - does not mean the other 50% are "functional". There are always those men who find women other than their wives for sexual outlets, or are afraid of divorce because it can be devastating for a man.

    I agree 100% with all of your other points - although - mangina's and white knights - this is something I have never seen eye-2-eye with MRA's on:

    I was raised to be NICE to people.

    When I was younger I BEHAVED that way towards women (and men), not because I thought it would help me "get chicks", but because that is the way I was RAISED.

    Too many MRA's seem to miss this point - hence, attacks on people (more specifically women) get mis-labeled as being white-knightery or maniginaisms.

    Also, there are those men who actually BELIEVE all the bogus statistics that feminism has been spreading for the last 50 years. As you said - they are being duped.

    Excellent article!

  2. Thanks ScareCrow and congratulations on being my first poster.

  3. We miss you!!!

    When ya gonna write another article?

  4. I'm working on it. I'm back in school and trying to get my campus organization started. It's tough going. About the best I've done so far is irritate the hell out of my professors and the psychology department by throwing their discrimination in their face. I think this will be my next blog entry.

    Thanks for the encouragement btw.